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Migrate Sun Cluster to VCS

Created: 04 Oct 2011 • Updated: 08 Nov 2011 | 7 comments
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Hi to All.

I am looking for a white paper/manual or best practise document for migrating a SUN cluster to a VCS. Can anyone give me some pointers?



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Hello Peppas,

I have never found such document or worked on sun to veritas cluster migration. But here is HP Service Gaurd Cluster to Veritas Cluster migarion document, which may help you in planning and understanding migration.

Thank you



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Hi Jim and thank you Anoop for pointing out that migration guide.

We have several guides for migration, but currently there is not one for Sun Cluster to VCS.

The guide Anoop pointed out sets out the basic methodology for the migration which is basically to understand what you currently have, translate it to VCS terminology and technology and implement the new cluster.  There is also a guide for Red Hat Cluster to VCS Migration which may be closer to Sun Cluster than Serviceguard.

If you run into problems, please let us know.



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I've been in similar situations in the past and found that the best move is to actually go through the documentation for uninstalling SUN Cluster completely followed by a fresh installation of VCS.,(page=KBNavigator&id=(bmDocTitle=Oracle%20Solaris%20Cluster%203.x%20%20Completely%20remove%20cluster%20software%20from%20all%20cluster%20nodes&viewingMode=1143&bmDocID=1012787.1&bmDocType=HOWTO&bmDocDsrc=KB&from=BOOKMARK))

This assumes you have an Oracle My Support Login.

There really isn't a direct migration path between the products and as such you would best served by referencing the Oracle/SUN docs followed by the Symantec equivalent. With VCS, you can easily take preexisting applications and add it to a Service group.  What I am also interested in knowing is whether or not you were you were using VxVM of SVM/ZFS for your data storage?  There are utilities available in Storage Foundation for migrating the volumes to VxVM from native tools.

Hope this Helps.

Joe D

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The project will also have SVM to VxVM

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Thanks Anthony for pointing for RHC to VCS migration. I did not have it :)


Below is link for Redhat Cluster to VCS migration. Now these two migration guides can help you.



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As part of 5.1 SP1 there exists utilities to help convert SVM volumes to VxVM (In case you weren't aware).These can either be done online or offline depending on how you want to migrate the data.  File System to File System is an online operation requiring duplicate storage. While SVM to VxVM is an offline operation with no additional storage needed.

Take a look at this doc starting on page 395.

Hope this helps.

Joe D

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SVM to VXVM migration has two steps.

1. svm volumes to vxvm volume conversion

2. ufs to vxfs conversion.

svm to vxvm conversion does not give liberty to create separate vxvm DG for root and application. A svm to vxvm conversion makes a single DG named root with all your volumes in it. If you want separate root volumes from application data volumes in separate DGs, you have to go for dg split.