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migrate users ID from old IM manager server to new IM manager server

Created: 17 Aug 2011 | 2 comments
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Dear support,

I am having symantec IM Manager version 8.4.17 on windows 2003 enterpries server service pack 2. I am having one moe IM Manager server version 8.4.1362 on windows server 2003 enterprise service pack 2. And we want to migrate users ID from IM Manager version 8.4.1362 to IM Manager version 8.4.17. If it is possible to migrate the same so please provide us the steps to do the same and if it is not posible so could you provide us the alternate solution for the same.

Thank you in advance for the information.


Sajid Khan

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You can migrate users from one database to another via SQL queries if you really need to.  However, you would need to open a support case to get a engineer to help you with the exact SQL queries.

Chances are... that you probably can do it an easier way.  If your users all from an LDAP source (like Active Directory), you can simply reimport them (like if this was a OCS installation with IM Manager installed).  Since all the user and screen-names are stored in AD in that case.. you don't need to copy them, just tell the new IM Manager to re-import thme (via the LDAP configuration).

If you are looking to migrate the users or any of the other settings, another approach is to simply make a copy of the existing IM Manager database to where your new IM Manager server can connect to it.  You can run the IM Manager installed for 8.4.17 against the copy of the database.  The 8.4.17 installer will use that copied database and all your users, groups and settings will be saved.

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As mentioned below the best thing to do is the following:

1) Take a database backup of 8.4.13 DB.

2) Restore the database with a new name (on same database server or a different one).

3) Run the installation of 8.4.17 on new IM Manager against new database.  This step will upgrade the 8.4.13 database to 8.4.17.  This keeps all the old settings.

Here is some more information about moving a database: How to Move the IM Manager Database to a New Database Server.

If you don't want to do that you could possibly copy the IM name registrations from the old database to the new one using SQL queries.  The table is imnames.