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Migrate to VMware

Created: 13 Oct 2013 • Updated: 17 Oct 2013 | 4 comments
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Hi, we are moving to a virtual environment.  We have two EV servers (version 10 SP3, one journal and one email archive server).  Each has SAN attached storage for partitions (3x500GB), cache (50GB), indexes (500GB), boot, etc.  Partitions are using mount points.  A DA server is also used, but migrating that is straight forward enough.

In the new environment, I want the partitions to go on a slower disk datastore, and the indexes and others to a faster disk datastore.  I would keep the same name but probably change IP.

If I used the migration wizard, since I can't disconnect the storage and reattach it (due to completly separate infrastructure), I would robocopy the data to the new locations with same drive letters etc, then run the wizard.  (When services start they should recreate the EV partition shares etc).

Using P2V, I don't know if P2V can de directed to use different datastores?  Also I've heard this is slower?

So moving to VMware 5.0, what is the preferred method of migrating: P2V or the EV migration wizard?


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If it were me I think I would lean toward the Server Settings Migration Wizard.

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As an idea:

You could still do your P2V to get the machine into your virtual environment, but leave all the disks behind (aside from the system disk), and then either re-attach those disks to the virtual -or- use your robocopy method to clone a new set of disks and then attach those.  Would work pretty good especially if you were looking to dev it out or for sizing purposes. In general I like to create new servers inside the virtual environment unless I have no choice but to P2V...the systems generally come out 'cleaner' with less issues. It also gives you a chance to upgrade OS, and perform any other major maintenance.

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I agree with Tony and Nate.D. I would create the new VM environment and use the EV migration tool to export/import your settings. P2V is generally sloppy. It works, but clean always operates better in my experience.

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Thanks guys.  Sounds like either way would work but migration is cleaner as you say.  Cheers.