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Migrated 6.5 Software License and Upgraded Licenses?

Created: 24 May 2012 | 3 comments

Has anyone found a way to deal with the upgraded license and software purchase issue?  I'm talking about in 6.5 you had a software purchase and if it was an upgrade you associated it to a previous version of a software license.  How do you migrate that over to 7.2?  I'm showing a heck of a lot more licenses that I had before and many of my upgrades are not full upgrades but partial upgrades as they accounted for several different versions into one new version.  This is very much the case with adobe cs suites.  I could do the method suggested of creating a fake software purchase of the total to be upgraded but we use historical data a lot and it makes a mess of TOC for software.  I’m interested to hear what others are doing.

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I am just now performing the Legacy software migration steps and seeing this same issue. The Software Purchase in 7.1 does not have a "Upgrade License Contract" field. I am opening a case with support to ask about this issue. The Software Purcahse in 7.1 is also missing the attributes for Product Name, Version, Product ID.

How did you resolve the overstating licenses in the original license that was upgraded?



Todd Clark County IS Vancouver,WA

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Sadly it was a painful process I’m still working on.  But basically I had to isolate the software purchases that were associated to upgrades. That was easy enough to do by a small edit on the report in 6.5 called ‘software upgrades’  there is a line at the bottom

‘if (cast('%_LicenseGuid%' as uniqueidentifier) <> 0x0)

                                                                select * from vCon_SoftwareLicenseUpgrades  where _LicenseGuid = %_LicenseGuid%”

if you remove “_LicenseGuid = %_LicenseGuid%”, and run the report you will see all the software purchases that have license upgrades. 

Then it gets more complicated depending on how much you want to track and where you want to track it.  First you have to get your total purchased license counts for those licenses that are affected by the upgraded purchases.  Then what I’m doing right, now because it’s a small number of only 227 software licenses, is in the new system.  Disassociate those purchases with the new license, make a single new purchase, as add all the line items in the purchase but basically put your new number you got from the old system as the total license count.  It’s not pretty but it’s getting the result I need. 

                If I had a much larger number to deal with I would export what I needed and build a spread sheet of all the purchases and the license they are associated with, and a second spread sheet with the license and the total purchases.  Then I would simply do a connector solution import. 

There is some advanced sql writing you could do to use the compliance report and then use a sub query of the upgraded software list that would isolate the licenses you needed but I’ve not tried that yet. 

I hope this helped or if it has confused you more let me know what I can clarify for you.  Good luck.

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Thank you for the report help and the feedback to this post. An update for you if you had not heard. The PM Jason Short indicates that the Barcelona version will have a lot of work added to it for Software licensing. It should have made it into the 7.5 release but it was missed on the list of priorities so it is being moved to the next version after 7.5. I spoke with the backline engineer on this topic as well and came to the same workaround you are doing.

Somehow to me the idea of manipulating the software purchase/upgrades data to make it "fit" just does not seem to fly in the audit controls / SOX compliance arena.


Todd Clark County IS Vancouver,WA