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Migrating Agents for Windows

Created: 21 Jan 2013 | 4 comments

I need to transfer my agents for windows from a old server to a new server ?

old server - windows 2003, blackberry.

new server - windows 2008, AD.

how do I transfer to agent to the new server ?

is it just un-install from old server and install to the new server ?

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Yup...Even if you don't uninstall the agent from the old server, that should be OK... Add the server in the Backup & Restore tab (and thereby install the agent also)..Setup new jobs for this server... And for the old server, just remove the old jobs. (Don't remove the old server itself, as it would remove other backup data as well).

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but I have limited licenses.

so must I un-install from the old server ?

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RAWS licenses are not tied to a specific server...its the quantity removing the backup jobs or if you prefer, uninstalling the remote agent is fine.

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You should uninstall the remote agent from your old server.  If you don't uninstall the remote agent, it is normally deemed that you are using it even if you are not backing up the server.