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Migrating BE2012 to hyper-v

Created: 06 Dec 2012 | 7 comments

we are planning to migrate our BE2012 to a new hyper-v environment.

the BE will be installed in one of the VM created in the hyper-v host.

all VM will run on Windows 2008 R2 standard 64bit.

will I problem installing BE2012 on the VM ?

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Yes you will...Symantec don't support BE installed on a VM at all due to hardware limitations.

The TN below relates to ESX, but it can be applied to Hyper-V too.

Best bet is always a physical server, so on 1 of your hosts or another physical server you might have!


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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CraigV: it's actually supported. See Software Compatibility List of 2012:

"6. A Backup Exec Server can be installed on a VMware or Hyper-V virtual machine that is running a supported Microsoft Windows operating system."

However there are some limitations, such as hardware pass-through.

But a virtual machine can perfectly work as a media server for a two-way ndmp backup setup whereby the tape drives are directly attached to an NDMP filer. This setup works like a charm and your backup server can be protected by the hardware (such as NetApp) snapshot/backup technology.

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Hyper-V does not support any pass-thru so you will be even more restricted in your choice of backup media if you use a Hyper-V VM for your media server.

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What backup destination are you tend to use? If you are using tape media, just don't do it. It will not work, and if you get it to work the performance will be slow.

Please bare in mind that you are putting your eggs in one basket. If your storage or hyper-v cluster fails, you lose your backupserver as well as your configuration data and catalogs. It will take a significantly high amount of time to restore. It's best-practice not to do this. It works that's for sure, i already tested backup exec in a vm (no tape devices).

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my tape drive is storageworks MSL 4048 and a NAS.

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The question is whether you can access the tape library from the VM where you installed BE.  If I am not mistaken, you can't.

If you attach the tape drive to the Hyper-V host and then install BE on the host, you would be able to access the tape library.  In this case, your Hyper-V host must be running a full version of the OS and not the Core edition.

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I don't think it's supported to install your backupsoftware on your hypervisor. I took a look into the Software Compatibility List and the release notes without finding anything mentionable.

Make sure you get this right before installing it in this manner.