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Migrating catalog media from BE 12 to BE 2012

Created: 02 Aug 2012 | 7 comments

I have tried all tech articles I could find on knowledge base and I still have no clue how to do it.

I am close to go with manual inventory. (2 min on every tape)  

Any hint will be helpful.


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Thank you for trying but I have 12 version and this tech works only for 12.x :(

I am currently instaling 12.5 trial and will try migrate first to 12.5 version.

Any other ideas ? :-)  

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Catalog file format is same for all versions of BE from 11d onwards. 

To be on a safer side, rename existing catalogs folder and create a new catalogs folder in the 

installation directory of BE2012. Copy catalogs from BE12 to BE2012 and than restart all the services.

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I have tried this but I have new version on new server (diffrent server names).

I even tried to index that files but new BE (2012) didn't recognise it.

And my trial 12.5 version file is broken so I am lost.

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Different server name shouldn't affect the migration of catalogs.

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I even tried to index that files but new BE (2012) didn't recognise it.

When you are saying not recognizing it, does it means your restore selections is empty, or exactly what is happening. Also please note if you are having some issue with migrated catalog from old version ,you can also get your catalog from tape by doing catalog from it as like when you want to restor data, so in short you can also rebuild your catalog back from tapes.



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There are a lot of changes in the storage area for BE 2012.  The B2D folders are changed to Disk Storage or Legacy B2D folders.  Just simply copying the catalogs from an older version to BE 2012 would probably not work because of these changes.  It would be better to re-catalog your media in BE 2012.  See my article below

The procedure is also applicable for tapes.