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Migrating Email Inbox to Exchange 2010 and Email Processing Not Working

Created: 17 Jun 2013 • Updated: 17 Jun 2013 | 1 comment
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We're implementing Microsoft Exchange 2010 and the email inbox that was migrated is not working. We have it setup as IMAP with the services turned on for it and we have ServiceDesk setup successfully for SSL. Has anyone successfully migrated to Exchange 2010 and got their inbox to still work? I did a search but only found this one link regarding Exchange 2010 so there may be a setting we're missing on the Exchange side.


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I know it's a late reply to this topic, but it might still be active.

In Exchange 2010 by default SSL is required when picking up mails via IMAP and POP3. Helpdesk solution does not support secure connections to the mail server.

You have two options to get around this:

1. Disable the requirement for SSL connections in Exchange server

2. Utilize stunnel (, by installing it on your Helpdesk Server, so that your helpdesk server connects to "localhost" (which is your stunnel instance) without SSL and then stunnel takes care of utilizing a secure connection to pickup the mails from your Exchange server.