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Migrating EV Store Group and Indexes

Created: 12 Mar 2013 • Updated: 15 Mar 2013 | 3 comments
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Hello all,

I am running EV 9.02 and I am looking to move all the data from my Valt Store group from a NAS device onto local storage (we just increased the local storage so I want to move the data over as well).

I have found instructions for moving the data between local volumes or from a local volume to a NAS device but no particular instructions from a NAS to Local.

Here are the instructions I found:

I can interprate the instructions to move the data but the one question I have is I see there is a column called "RemotePartitionRootPath" I am wondering do I need to clear this path when I move the files?

Also are there any good instructions on moving the index files?

Thank you very much,


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Thanks for the post but those links did not answer my question. The first one was the oposite of what I was doing already (and have completed successfully). The second was for between 2 EV servers but I am just moving the location not the server.

For anyone that finds this in the future this link shows how to move the index locations while remaining attached to the same server. This is actually a really easy process of copy the files to the new location and change the path in the SQL database.

This was a link found on this post

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You're right, it's pretty straight forward, howerver there is a bit more complexity than you might think, depending on the data volumes.  I have seen folks do this:

Set backup mode on the indexes

Copy them

Rename the 'old' location

Update SQL

Clear backup mode

Watch 2-3 days for errors/warnings, then, delete old locations.