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Migrating Exchange 2010 SP2 Archiving -> Enterprise Vault 10 archiving

Created: 22 Oct 2012 • Updated: 14 Jan 2013 | 4 comments
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I am looking into and reading the guides on EV 10, we are currently using Exchange 2010 SP2 Archiving but want to go to Enterprise Vault 10 (for various reasons).

What is the process once the EV Server is up and running to get the Exchange 2010 Archives over to Enterprise Vault?

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The Enterprise Vault product doesn't provide any built-in migration tools for migrating from Exchange 2010 Personal Archives to Enterprise Vault archives.  The only way 'in-product' would be to copy all the data back to Exchange, and then target Exchange with Enterprise Vault, or, you could export the Personal Archives to PST, create archives in EV, and ingest the items into EV archives.

You could also consider QUADROtechs Exchange Personal Archive Archiving product, which will greatly simplify a migration such as this.

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You mention " would be to copy all the data back to Exchange, and then target Exchange with Enterprise Vault.

Our non archived mail and archived mail are all stored on SAN drives linked to our Exchange server. The only way to get the archived portion over to EV is to export to PST etc or use a third party tool?

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I believe you'd have two choices..

a/ Copy back to Exchange live mailboxes

So all your mailbox data is currently on SAN storage, and your Exchange Personal Archives are also on that same SAN storage?   It actually doesn't matter that much since Enterprise Vault can only target your regular mailboxes.  It can not target the Exchange Personal Archives.

Of course copying the data back in to Exchange will take time, and require significant space on your Exchange servers, depending on how long you have had Exchange Personal Archives, the size of them and so on.

b/ Use a third party tool

The product I mentioned allows configuration of policies, and provisioning in much the same way that you do in Enterprise Vault, so you can migrate some users and not others easily .. introducing a nice phased approach if you see what I mean.  You have the option to COPY the data from the Exchange Personal Archive, or MOVE the data from the Exchange Personal Archive.  It's done item by item with very little impact on Exchange.

Hope that helps,

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Hello Ryan - I would be interested to speak with you regarding your requirements here.

Could you email me directly to discuss: