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migrating partitions from an Object based storage device to block based storage

Created: 15 Mar 2013 • Updated: 30 Mar 2013 | 4 comments
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Hi Guys

i'm familiar with the process of moving partitons and updating SQL when moving from one location to another i.e. c:\stores to v:\stores etc

however has anyone got any experience in moving EV archives from an object based storage system to regular presented LUNs ?



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You'll have to do a migration via Move Archive or a paid for third party migration piece such as TransVault, Akaibu, Archive Shuttle etc

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Thanks for the reply,

this is going to be for all user and file archives so im hoping that there isnt a massive amount of manual work involved.

last time i did a move archive i remember that it didnt remove the original archive meaning that the user would have access to both archives

is this the case with the 'move archive' and if so is there a clean way to remove the old archive



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the third party tool/service helps alleviate the manual work and the risk associated with that too. without it, yes there's a massive amount to do. of course, it's all relative to how many archives and how much data you have.

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To confirm, that is expected behavior of Move Archive, the old archive is left intact after the move so the admin can decide when to delete, if required to keep for some time you can remove the user permissions to the old archive.  Also note that Move Archive doesn't support File System Archives.