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Migrating Security from TEST to PROD

Created: 28 Jun 2013 | 1 comment

We have a test environment and a production environment. A ton of users meant we had to end up creating a few custom security roles. We have great success using stand alone replication rules to migrate items from test to production. The only thing we are seing a problem with is security permissions.

  • Stand alone security role replication rules work great.
  • Stand alone security privilege rules work great.
  • There is not a security permission rule.

The KB article Standalone Security Replication options: specifically states "These do NOT replicate permissions that the selected roles have permissions on."

Additional research indicates that item permissions are replicated when Notification Servers are in a hierarchy. Our observations prove this to be 100% correct. There does not appear to be any article about replicating from one NS to another when they are not in a hiearchy.

Does anyone have any suggestions for getting item permissions to replicate from one NS to another when they are not in a hieracrchy? We have no desire to make production a child of the test environment and creating a multi-tier hieararchy.

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.

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When you create an Item replication rule, you are provided with three options, one of which is "Replicate Security Only (Security configuration for all the selected items is replicated.)".  I believe that this option will allow you to achieve your goal.

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