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Migrating SMP to a different domain

Created: 07 Aug 2014 • Updated: 07 Aug 2014 | 1 comment

I cloned my production Altiris SMP server, site server, and copied my database into a different domain for the purpose of setting up a more robust test environment.  My issue is that I cannot get to the console in the test domain.  Has anyone ever attempted this before?

I used the AeXConfig.exe application utility to change the App Identity account and password, but even when I am logged on to the server, I cannot access the the console...even locally from the SMP server itself.

AeXConfig.exe /svcid user:{domain\user} password:{password}


Access Denied

You currently do not have sufficient network access rights to the Notification Server console.

Please Contact your local area network administrator for further assistance.

Please help me get this resolved as I need to get this test server running so we can test the upgrade to 7.5  prior to implementing in our production environment.

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Igor Perevozchikov's picture

Try to reset AppIdentity again and restart Altiris Services/IIS

If it will doesn't help, then try to do this scenario:

  1. Clone only SQL Server with Database, Site Server to another Domain.
  2. Take clean Windows 2008 R2 SP1 x64 server in same Domain as cloned servers are (where SMP will be running)
  • Install SIM 7.x -> choose appropriate product suite 7.x (where you want to upgrade or reinstall production for test purporses)
  • Set new domain user credentials on step in SIM, where to choose Web Site (port) and credentials
  • On next step in SIM, where you will need to choose a database, find cloned SQL Server and then choose to 'use existing database' (otherwise your cloned production Symantec_CMDB) -> proceed to install step.
  • After completed install/upgrade, open SMP Console and logon, using new Domain user credentials.


If you don't want to upgrade existing database and want to have just a mirror of existing production database for test purposes (in case of migration to different domain), then you need to choose in SIM a same version of suite, which is running now in production.

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