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Migrating Storage Unit Data and Lifecycle Policies to a different Data Domain Server

Created: 18 Dec 2012 | 4 comments

I will be migrating a volume contaning Netbackup data between Data Domain servers. 

Below is what we have configured currently on the source DD server:

1.  The volume on the source DD is housing a disk pool. 

2.  The storage unit object in netbackup is pointing to the disk pool on the source DD server. 

3.  We have several storage lifecycle policies tied to that storage unit that have specific retention periods.

When I migrate the volume from the source DD to the destination DD, we will need to create a new storage server, configure a new disk pool on the migrated volume, create a new storage unit pointing to the new disk pool and change the storage lifecycle policies to use the new storage unit.

My question is, will the retentions periods from the old storage units remain in effect?  Will the old data from the old storage lifecycle policies age off as configured in the old policies?

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RonCaplinger's picture

Short answer: yes, you can keep the old retentions without having to specify them manually.

Long answer:  You used the term "migrating", but I believe you mean you will be duplicating the images.  If not, please enlighten me on how you were planning to migrate the data.

My first recommendation is to leave the old data on the old DD and let it expire naturally, if you aren't keeping it for more than a month or two anyway.  It's much easier that way.  However, I also realize there are reasons to actually move it to a newer or bigger DD unit, too!

Using the Catalog section in the NetBackup GUI, ensure "Action" is set to Verify, select the Disk Type and reference the old Disk Pool, and select which copy (Primary Copy, likely).  Once you see the Backup ID's, change the "Action" at the top of the screen to "Duplicate", then highlight all of the Backup ID's you wish to duplicate at this time.  Right-click on them, select "Duplicate".  Change the Storage Unit to your new STU, and I suggest checking the checkbox next to Copy 1 to make it the new primary copy; this will be come clear why later.  You can then choose to leave the retention period as-is, or change it in the drop-down Retention box.

Once this batch of duplications completes, repeat the previous steps but select the original copy number instead of "Primary Copy".  You can sort the list by the "Primary Copy" column and select the ones that now say "No", right-click, and expire them.  Repeat as necessary to move any remaining Backup ID's to the new location.

Yutani36's picture


Thanks for your response.  We will be migrating the data using Data Domain's Mtree replication.  Basically just copying the volume with the old NBU data on it.  Since we're using the DD to replicate the data, NBU won't know that we moved the data because we'll be using new volume, storgae unit and disk pool.  Will the old data still expire if NBU doesn't know it has been moved?


RonCaplinger's picture

Oh, no!  I wouldn't recommend doing that!

In its simplest explanation, NetBackup is an indexing system for all of your backup data.  It manages and keeps track of every file in your backup data whether on tape or disk.  It has to initiate any movement or duplication of data between storage units.

If you move the data outside of NetBackup knowing about it, then NetBackup no longer knows where those backup images are located and any attempt to restore data will fail, unless you perform a complete import (phase 1 & phase 2) of all of the data.  That would be a long and time consuming process.

If you have to be able to recover data from those backups, I strongly recommend you follow my steps I posted before.  NetBackup has to know about the location of all of your backup data in order to restore anything from it.

Yutani36's picture


Your migration makes sense.  One scenario I want to run by you to see if this will work.

1.Copy the volume to the new DD server using DD replication.  The volume name will remain the same.

2.Take the old DD offline and rename the new DD with the same name and IP address.

Since the storage server and volume in NBU will be the same name, NBU should see this as the same disk pool and storage unit?