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Migration BE2010 R2 vers BE 2012

Created: 08 Jan 2013 • Updated: 23 Sep 2015 | 11 comments
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Je souhaite migrer mon système de sauvegarde BackUp Exec 2010 R2 vers BackupExec 2012.
J'ai la licence serveur de BE2012, des licences agents fort Windows/for Linux/ et Databases-Applications.

Je vais réaliser l'installation via les fichiers téléchargeables au préalable (pour gagner du temps de téléchargement avant, LiveUpdate le faisant pendant ma planification de tâche = hors production).

Néanmoins j'ai une question :
je vais mettre à jour mes agents for windows par exemple en push et donc les agents aussi vont migrer.
Dois-je prévoir un rédemarrage obligatoire du serveur (ici client) ou une simple demande de redémarrage ?

J'espère avoir été assez clair.

Je vous remercie de vos réponses futures et souhaite bonne année à la communauté Symantec.

Cordialement / Regards,


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Check pkh's video below on how to do the is straight-forward, but be aware that BE 2012 is fundamentally different to BE 2010...

Here are some TNs to also check out:

For the RAWS agent upgrades, once you are sure that the media server has SP1a and any subsequent patches installed, push-install them to your remote servers. Chances are good you won't need server restarts, but if AOFO is installed, the server will require a restart.


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Before you upgrade to BE 2012, do read my article below

You need download the BE 2012 installation DVD. before you can upgrade.  You cannot upgrade using LiveUpdate.  You can download BE 2012 from  Click on BE in the trialware section.

After you push out the BE 2012 remote agents, you definitely need to re-boot the remote server.  If you don't have time to re-boot them all at the same time, you can do them one-by-one.  BE 2012 can work with BE 2010 remote agents, but you would not get the benefits of the improvements in BE 2012.

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Thanks CraigV and pkh. smiley


French Version :

Ma migration vers BackupExec2012 est ok.
Maintenant je recherche des informations qu'en à l'activation de mon BE 2012 (trial version actuellement) alors que j'ai insérer l'ensemble des fichiers .slf

J'ai aussi les travaux de BE2010 qui ont été intégré à BE2012 mais je ne peux plus réaliser les sauvegardes par jour :

exemple =>
Job "Lundi" : -sauvegarde serveur Exchange / DomainController / FileServer

Job "Mardi" : sauvegarde webServer / DomainController2 / DataBaseServer

Maintenant, je dois avoir un job par jour par serveur et non plus un job par jour où l'ensemble des serveurs sauvegardaient ce jour-là sont configurés.

Est-ce que la création d'un groupe de serveur windows avec "Agent for windows" pourrait me permettre de ne créer qu'un seul job regroupant plusieurs serveurs sauvegardés, comme dans backup Exec 2010 ?



English version :

My Backup's migration is OK.
Now I look for information that there in the activation of my BE on 2012 (Trial version at present) while I have to insert all the files .slf

I also have the works of BE2010 which were integrated(joined) into BE2012 but I cannot realize any more backups a day:

Example = >
Job "on Monday": - backup Exchange waiter(server) / DomainController / FileServer

Job "on Tuesday": backup to webServer / DomainController2 / DataBaseServer

Now, I have to have a job for a day for a server and either a job a day when all the servers protected this day are configured.

Could the creation of a group of Windows server with " Agent for Windows " allow me to create only a single job including several servers, as in backup Exec on 2010?

Thank you

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...which is why both pkh and myself advised you that BE 2012 is completely different. It is no longer resource-centric (meaning you can lump as many servers as you want into 1 job), but now server-centric, meaning each server now has its own job!

Read up below on Server Groups in BE 2012 for further information:

Are you being shown that BE 2012 is still in trial mode? Refer to the TN below:

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Job of several servers will be impossible with BE 2012?

It will be necessary that I to create a job by server  and a day so that then it build up to itself sub-works, implicitly, which put the one themselves behind the other one to create my daily saving?

Activation of my BE2012 is not OK ... I wait for the return of the customer service company...

The problem is slf files ?

thanks CraigV.

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Hi, can't have 1 job with 10 servers for instance.

Check the link I sent referring to BE 2012 still showing trial mode.

Check pkh's article on chaining jobs in BE 2012 on the link below: might also want to check out the BE 2012 Beta and see if you can get on that programme.


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Instead of waiting for your service company, you can also log a support case with Symantec and they would help you to activate your BE.

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Thanks very much CraigV and PKH.

==> BE2012 is actived. (wrong slf files in It's not me ... smiley

One clear display of the works of savings is available?

I am understandable: every morning, I verify all the savings) (with 2010 it was only a job) and I note the quantity of data protected as well as the working time.

Now that 2012 cuts in different sub-works, is it possible to obtain a figure of all the savings (defines by a time slot for example)?

Thank you for your invaluable information.


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No.  You would have to add amount saved in each job manually.  You might want to see whether you can do a customised report to get this number for you or use a BEMCLI script and add up this number from the job history.

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Thank you for all this information.
I was able to make personalized reports

Nevertheless, I have to downgrade the version because it does not correspond any more to my waits.

Very good continuation Sirs and I allow to wish a Happy New Year 2k13.

#Closing Subject#

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Please mark the post that helped as the solution to close this off!


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