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Migration from NBU Solaris Master/Media Server to 5220 Appliance

Created: 10 Jun 2012 | 2 comments

Hi Friend,

We have to migrate the Solaris10 based NBU Master/Media server to NBU 5220 Appliance alongwith 3 other similar Media servers.

I have check the symantec support site and forum for any such help and didn't find anything.

We have done many physical server migration (Master/Media to other Master/Media as part of H/W refresh) and know all the migration steps. 

Appreciate if you can help me in 5220 Appliance Migration steps.



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bprecover (catalog recovery utility) is available for appliances so there is no problem here.

remember you need to have NBU of the same patch level on existing (source) Solaris machine as the target NBU on the appliance. Host names for the Solaris machine and for Appliance should be the same.

here is a technote with guidance:

the steps are simple: catalog backup on the source server and recovery on the appliance

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Hello Vikash,

I opened a case for the same issue and got the following answer

"As per the migration you are asking for, there is a separate process on performing migration and you are not supposed to that(Even we are not supposed in that case). You need to contact Symantec consulting partners who are trained in performing those tasks as these needs to make some changes in the NetBackup database level."

On phone call following that mail, he claimed that as the 5220 is an appliance it is not covered by the TECH77448 document.

I havn't seen any such limitation

I'l be glad if some Symantec emplyee can comment on it.

As this thread is quite old, have you made any progress since?