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Migration from Old windows media server to new Media Server

Created: 07 May 2012 • Updated: 09 May 2012 | 4 comments
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HI All Dear friends...

Before raising the issue, Let me brief about the scenario of environment [ I have taken server name just as an examples:-

                Master server name :-  xyz [ Solaris 9/ Netbackup version 6.5 ]

                Media server name :- abc    [ Windows 2003 media server ]

                NEW media server name :-  abc-new [ Windows 2003 media server ]

               In the environed we have one windows media server whose hardware is in  degraded state. We have purchased new media server [ server name= abc-new ]  & installed media server software. We have tested new media server successfully & backup is running fine from this media server.

                Now we need to do migration from old media server to new server in which we will change the IP & Host name of old media server to new media server  [  That means we will exchange the ip address & host name between these 2 server as we want the same media server name in our environment. & we will decommission old server. ].

                After Changing  IP & host name we will reboot new server & run the device configuration wizard again so all drive & storage unit configured again.


Question:-  Does my method is correct & new media server will work as it will get the same name as it was in old environment ?

Thanks in advance:-


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From what you've described, this should work perfectly.

All the Media in the EMM database will still be owned by the media server name that this media server will be inheriting.

I assume it's just standard tape drives? Does the new media server have access to the old media servers robot for restoring old tapes?

Also did the old media server do any disk based backups? If so what is happening to the backups on that did?

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Thank you very much for reply...

We have only standard tape drive & we dont have disk based backup.....

But small query is ....when the new server name will be the same as old media server name was, so willl there be any impact on restoration????

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No there shouldn't be any issues, if the drives on the new server (with the old name) has drives configured in the same way (same type) and has access to the same tape via the robot, it should work just the same.

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You say you have tested the new media server already - if that is the case then make sure that all test backups have been expired and storage units etc etc have been deleted before changing its name etc.

May be easier to keep it as it is and just transfer ownership of all backup to it - a quick command and you are done

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