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Created: 24 Oct 2013 | 4 comments

I have a question, we are using Altiris 7.1 what is the best process of upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7, we have about 500 users that we need to migrate, any ideas or what scripts to use would be helpful, I know we may need to use pc transplant

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Have a look at this:

Touches a bit on what you are asking. I found it helpful to start with...

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You could use either USMT or PCT, I assume both will do for migrating. Base questions are more:

- Will you migrate 32-32-Bit or 32-64-Bit?

- Pre-checks met (how are you catering for these)?

- Only in-plcae migrations or also off-box (to new hardware)?

I posted a complete process here:

It is in fact for DS 6.9, but contains a number of scripts that may come in handy for you?


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We are looking more at using the PCT, we are doing only in place migrations, we are doing 32bit migrations etc, so any info on using the PCT and what scripts to use in DS 7.1 would be helpful

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We did a very large upgrade of over 1000 PCs last year from Windows XP to Windows 7. We have a lot of users that do not save files correctly and we needed to accomidate it. So what we did was run a full backup of the user's computer, Capture the PCT of the user and then dumped the Windows 7 image to their machine. Once that was done a configuration job to join to the domain. Once that was completed, dumped the PCT to their machines and they were done. We had someone remote in and check on everything. One issue we had in 7.1 was that the printer drivers were not working for us int he PCT so we had to enter them manually after migration.

Note: the full backup was for those people that didnt follow what we asked them to do but was the hero when we needed to find files for them.