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Migration to Secondrary Storage - UNC Share

Created: 07 Feb 2013 • Updated: 07 Feb 2013 | 2 comments
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Does anybody have any recommendations on setting up Enterprise Vault Store partitions to migrate to secondrary storge when the secondrary storage location is a windows file share.

Many recommendations I have read said avoid using any of the Migrators other than Enterprise Vault, which I agree with. Using backup Exec seems to overly complicate things regarding restoring the data and loading tapes etc.

We are about to implement a EV cluster with shared SAN Storage, however our exisitng vault server uses DAS storage for which we added extra disks earlier in the year when our vault store partition was running out of space. Initially the external DAS tray was populated with only 4 disks and presented as 1 1.2 TB LUN which housed 1 vault store containing 1 partition. Very bad idea as takes ages to back up.

We have now fully populated the disk tray and have now only created LUNS in the region of 500 GB to hold a vault store partition each.

When we have moved all archives to the new cluster and SAN storage then this server will be re-built but I was hoping to utilise the storage on this server for secondrary storage.

What is the best way to manage the secondrary storage and avoid it growing too large. We could set up seperate shares on the secondary storage for each vault store partition on the cluster. Currently we dont do storage expiry which I am pressing the powers to be so in effect we are retaining archived e-mail data ever since the vault was installed about 8 years ago. If we did then the vault store partitions would roll over to a new partition when there was only 15% free space and after a period to be determined (Say 3 years) archived data would be migrated to secondrary storage. Archived data would then be removed from secondrary storage when the retention period was expired.

With Vault store partitions they can be closed based on size or time and new partitions can be added by adding new storage. As the secondrary strage location cannot be changed when set how do you ensure this dosent grow too large. Could there be the possibility the size of the data in the secondrary storage location is bigger than the size of the data in the partition if data is the partition is constantly migrated to the secondrary storage location when it exceeds the age set in the collections and migrations tabs.

I realise vault store partitions can be created on a UNC path so I could just create a store and partitions on the old server with the DAS storage tray, but there is no automatic way to move archives so not keen on this.

Any suggestions please. 

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Well, the only way to 'control' the secondary location is through storage expiry really.  So yes you could end up with FAR more data on the secondary location than on the main storage partitions.