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Migration to SEPM 12

Created: 19 Sep 2012 | 7 comments

after migration from SEPM11 to SEPM12.1, all the client are still on SEP11.

How to update automaticly ?

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Check this article

Upgrade clients to SEP 12.1 by Auto upgrade feature

You will have to assign packages to each group present under My company.

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You must test the AutoUpgrade process before you attempt to upgrade a large number of clients in your production network. If you do not have a test network, you can create a test group. You can add a few non-critical clients to the test group and upgrade them by using AutoUpgrade. You can confirm the upgrade completed successfully by verifying the version number of the client software that appears in the About dialog box.

It's always recommended to have Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager and SEP clients on the same version. 

Public Kb:

Upgrading clients by using AutoUpgrade

Check this thread

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If you don't want to AutoUpgrade all clients at once, you may do the following:

If you have groups set up in the clients view, you can assign the new package to the groups. I would recommend you create a test group first with some test clients in it to see how the upgrade works. In SEP Manager, select the group containing the clients you wish to upgrade. On the right pane select the Install Packages tab. Right click in the white space and select Add. A window will appear asking you to select the package you wish to assign to this group. This window will also allow you to customize some of the settings to be used during the upgrade process. Once done, clients in this group will be upgraded. If all goes well, you can assign the new packages to your other (production) groups.

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SEPM Upgrade none related with SEP client upgrade

You need to assign upgrade package to your Client groups, and config their upgrade schedulely, through downloading installation package from SEPM or arranged link.

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If you have SCCM, you can create a package and push this way.

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