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Created: 05 Oct 2012 | 3 comments
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I ran the migration wizard from a wimdows 2003 with EV 9.0.3 and ran the import onto a windows 2008 r2 with the same EV 9.0.3 version.

I was under the impression it would export all registry keys and reimport all the registry keys onto the new server but to my suprise some custom one's were not imported like SynchInMigrationMode it did not replicate to new server. Our configuration depends greathly on that key and perhaps other wihin the 8 years we have EV in production. 

Does any one have any idea why, I'm I to go through every entries from the old server and compare it within the new server.

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I believe it's because the OS are different in terms of 32-bit and 64-bit and the ath have changed. I don't think the migration wizard does the registry export and import as part of the process, there is an extra step required for the registry by manually backup the registry and the customising (if need be) the registry after you have backed it up on the source EV server and then import onto the target server.

Look at page 15 and then page 31 (if you hav ealready seen this doc).

Hope that helps.

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might be worth posting it as enhancement feature or as idea and the Product Manager can take a look at it (if it's not already been looked at)

*Edit, I meant enhancement reguest for the migration wizard.

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I agree but I did not follow the "Migrating Enterprise Vault to 64-bit hardware" document

but instead I used "Migrating Enterprise Vault to 64-bit hardware using the Server Settings" document

and dont recall seeing that i needed to do anything about custom registry changes, I guess I should of when the manual way but I though of given it a shoot with the wizard.

A lot of other issues is going on that made this not a successfull migration:

Custom Registry key not being migrated

"Welcome message" was disable on old servers and now I get warnings 2297 even if the msg are not in the EV folder.

I'm using a certificate for the EV site https:\\ and it did not get reconfigure onto the new server consequently users no longer have access via Outlook or OWA

After reviewing the following doc TECH175477 while trying to troubleshot my certificate issue. Not sure I needed to enable "Enable 32-bit mode on the EnterpriseVaultAppPool application pool" on windows 2008 r2 the migration wizard did not flag this, but I will check the Installation & Config guide to see if I miss it.

I suspect many other issues exist but I have yet to come accross because of my main one for me now is to get the certicate to be installed onto the new windows 2008 r2 server, so if anyone has any insit in moving my certificate it would help me greatly.