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minutes remaining vs elapsed time

Created: 09 Feb 2013 • Updated: 11 Feb 2013 | 5 comments


Just wanted to get this out there--not really hoping for any change--but I want to say that during a drive copy I preferred the old "elapsed time" record to the new "x minutes remaining" record. The "minutes remaining" method doesn't really tell me anything useful because it's inaccurate--it keeps changing as the speed of the copying changes, and if there's a glitch, it can go on and on; whereas the "elapsed time" record a) is accurate and b) tells me something useful once I've copied a drive a few times and have a general idea how long it should take. If it's taking longer than it has in the past, I know there's a problem.

Just sayin'


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Hi Gary,

I think the "minutes remaining" instead of going on and on will give an error at a certain point, though it may not be soon but it will finally error out. 

Also the "elapsed time" may also go inaccurate as it depends on "minutes remaing" if it has a glitch. 

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Thank You 


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Hi, Tripti,

Thanks for your comments.

"Minutes remaining" does not error out, at least not within the 7 hours I waited one night. I finally had to stop SSR using Task Manager. If SSR is supposed to time/error out, then there's a bug in SSR that should be addressed in an upcoming hotfix or service pack.

As to your second point, once I've copied a drive a couple of times, I know about how long it should take. If it takes substantially longer than that, I know there's a glitch. That for me is useful information. The "time remaining" record provides me no information that is in any way useful to me.

I've already posted this to the ideas section. I posted here because I wanted to hear what others thought. I was hoping someone could point out a useful way of using the "remaining time" record that I'd missed.

I'm confused as to why this should be marked "solved." I'm posting an observation, not asking a question. How has anything been solved?