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Mirroring Live environment with Dev environment

Created: 31 Oct 2012 | 2 comments

Hi All,

Is it possible to mirror the live environment with the dev environment? If so, how would we proceed? We'd like to make changes in Live but want to make sure our changes will be stable first so we'd like to do them in Dev first.

Thank you.

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What most people do is to test stuff in Dev then use the export facility to transfer to live.

You can also back up the live database to dev every so often, but then you might need an MSDN or TechNet SQL in dev instead of SQL Express and I think you might need to run the reconfigure each time, which can be time consuming.

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One issue that we had run into when mirroring data between the 2 for testing was that if we weren't careful and had somesettings such as email notifications on in dev and copied the data from prod to dev then a lot of email notifications went out with URLs to a non-prod server and it became very confusing. What we did was to build both systems side-by-side, make any workflow modifications in dev and when satisifed move those to prod and publish them there. There would be dummy data that we generated in dev that didn't exist in prod so as not to accidently send those emails out but still be able to test email functionality.