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Missed scheduled scans

Created: 15 May 2009 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 6 comments

I pushed out SEP to a few machines (upgrade from SAV). There is a scheduled scan set for Thursday @ 6 PM. (it was there in SAV also). Whichever machine was ON at 6 PM ran the scan and completed. The machines that were turned off at 6 and booted back this morning, never ran the scan. I looked at one of these clients and the Next scheduled scan column is missing, and last scan is Never.

The missed schedule scans retry is set to 3 days.

Any idea what is causing this? Shouldn't the scan have kicked off when the machine booted this morning. OR will it only retry "within" 3 days?

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       The option to retry the scan is set to 3 days by default. Please change it to 1 day and then let us know whether it helped. I am attaching a screen shot as well. Refer to this link in case of further help or let us know.

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Sandeep C Sali

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Shouldn't the scan work if it was set to retry within 3 days?
Or will it scan only on the 3rd day?

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That was exactly my question.

These scans should have kicked off this morning when the machine turned ON. Some of these machines were ON till 8:30 PM today (friday), and they still didn't kick off the scan.

One thing to note:
These are upgraded from SAV which also had a scheduled scan of Thursday @ 6:00 PM. I never removed the scheduled scan from SAV prior to the upgrade to SEP. I don't think that's an issue here since all the machines that were ON, did run the scan successfully.

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@bjohn: Just play around with the setting on Sandips suggestion.

Check the Advanced tab and make sure that the option "Allow user-defined scheduled scans to run when scan author is not logged on." is checked.

Set also the Scan Progress Options to "Do not show scan progess"
If it is shown, the users may have the option to stop it.

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Yes, all those options are already there.

Well, it's been over 3 days. I don't know why these machines that were OFF didn't scan upon next startup.

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I'm thinking that the Retry scan value in days is with respect to the Scanning Schedule and not the time the PC is turned on. So set it up to 6 days so that if they missed the, let's say, Tuesday scan and went to work the following week on Monday, it would still scan. I can't find it in the manual if that's correct or not.

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