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Missing Job in Catalog

Created: 26 May 2010 | 5 comments

I have a backup job that sucessfully finishes, and when I go to restore it I cannot find it in the Catalog when I "View by Resource".

However, when I locate the media ID in the job logs, I can find the job in the "View by Media" list.  Any ideas?

The backup job is a Vmware AVVI backup of a Virtual Machine (Non-GRT), so I would expect to find it under my vCenter

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Please make sure you have not excluded anything for the vm:
Check this article

Also which version of BE and esx you are using

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nothing is excluded from the backup selection

BE 2010, latest patches and ESX 4 Update 1a

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Any chance that a subsequent job has ovewritten the data?

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Check that your selection date range covers this particular backup. See below

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The selection range does include the backup job in question