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Missing Software Package

Created: 20 Dec 2012 | 7 comments

I imported a software package into ITMS yesterday, and now I can't find it. I know that it showed up at one point under Software Releases in the Manage Software screen of the Management Console, but it no longer shows there. I have also checked under Software Products, Software Updates, Newly Discovered Software, Installed Products, and even in the Software Catalog but cannot find it. I know it hasn't been deleted, because I have it attached to a managed software delivery policy. I also tried re-importing the msi file and was prompted to update an existing title. So I know it's still present, but I can't locate it.

Any suggestions where else this package might be hiding?


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Can you locate (search) it in Manage > Resource?

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Yes, I found it there. I'm able to open it in Resource Manager from that search. If I select Edit Software Resource from Resource Manager I get to the Software Resource Editor, where the package shows it is a Software Release. So I still don't get why it's no longer showing up under that filter from the Manage Software UI. Any thoughts on how I might make it appear there again?


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 Right click > Properties from Resources and see where the folder path is. If it's "\Resource Management\Resources\Software Management\Software Resources\Unassigned" then you have the same problem I had.

Create a new Software Release manually and use right-click > Actions > Resolve duplicate software resources. Select "Merge into one software resource and delete the duplicate software resource" Use your missing one as "Duplicate software resource to be merged or associated:" and your new one as "Software resource to be merged to:".

You'll need to remove the original one from the Policy first. You might want to right click > Actions > Detailed export it - I've had merges bomb out with spurious "Access denied" errors having deleted both Software resources to be merged but not created the Merged resource.

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Sorry, don't have an answer for you...seen that happen once before.

Remove it (select it in Resource window and then on the left side you have the Delete action) and re-add it again and see if that helps.

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Thanks all for the responses. I ended up deleting and re-importing the package per Angel's suggestion before I saw Andy's idea. I am going to keep that note in my back pocket though, in case this comes up again.

Thanks again all!

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Okay, my second package I imported has now also disappeared. I found it again by searching from Manage\Resource. In Resource Manager I see the Folder path as \Resource Management\Resources\Software Management\Software Resources\Releases, so it hasn't been orphaned into "Unassigned".

I guess I'm still trying to find out why it keeps disappearing from the Software Releases list and how to get it to show up there again.


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Do you find anything in the altiris log viewer if you search for the Guid of the Software Resource?