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Mixed drives IBM library with BE2012

Created: 18 Apr 2013 | 2 comments
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Hi everyone,

I've been having this issue for quite some time, but I've been ignoring it.

My BE is configured to use both LTO drives, I've created separate jobs and specified that some use the LTO5, and others the LTO4 drive.

Also created media sets with the same sort of tape, so that it could not happen that the LTO5 tape got stuck in the LTO4 drive.

The problem appeared when all LTO5 tapes got full, the tapes were moved to scratch media not belonging to any media set (although they were overwritable, since the retention period expired), so when the next job started he picked up the tape and pushed it to the LTO4 drive. Which brought me to the problem I've mentioned in the begining.

So what I wanted to know is, what is best practice for this kind of situation? Is there a specific configuration that will let me use both drives not having to worry that a tape is going to block my library.

Thanks in advance,


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Please read the media managerment section of the admin guide - specifically the table the described how Backup Exec chooses media to overwrite.

Backup Exec is designed to allow a backup to complete if it possibly can, as such media can be moved from one media set to another. (Every sequence of chocies in the table eventually reaches recyclable media in any media set) The two options to solve this atre sort out you media set and media protection settings so that available media from the correct set is availabel when the josb are ruinning, OR, partition the slots in the library and target the jobs to parttiions (which can cause job failures if you do not have available media in the partition.)

Also whilst you have an LTO-4 drivbe and an LTO-5 drive does that also mean you have mixed types of media in the slots or are you only using LTO-4 media?

If you have mixed media in the slots then you may need to be looking at barcode rules and using slightly different tyupes of barcodes on the LTO-4 media vs the LTO-05 media and as this may be tricky to configure in Backup Excec 2012 you may have to log a support case for configuring Barcode Rules.