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Mixing CLient Management Suite and Server Management Suite on one SMP server

Created: 05 Dec 2012 | 1 comment

Our current environment consists of 2800 servers and 16,000 workstations.  We currently are running on one SMP server with CMS installed.  We're being asked to deploy Server Management Suite Agents to the servers.  This would obviously mean installation of the Server Management Suite application onto our exixting SMP NS server. If that is not adviseable, should we consider a hierarchy model where our main server manages the Workstations and a Child NS server maages the servers?

Question is can they both (CMS & SMS) reside on one system and will we have just one CMDB?  We don't want to manage two separate environments with two databases - at lest if we can avoid it. 

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There are no technical reasons Client and Server Management suites cannot be hosted on the same Notification Server withh the one CMDB but you already have a lot of clients.

If you use two NSs splitting the security between server and desktop admins becomes easier, usually the reason they'd be hosted seperately but you would need two seperate databases. You can forward the data from one to the other so that one becomes the source of all data.

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