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MMS Jobs while CASO unavailable

Created: 10 Oct 2012 • Updated: 10 Oct 2012 | 5 comments
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I have 2 Windows 2008 servers. One with CASO environment, second is MMS. MMS connected to CASO via VPN.

Backup exec services on MMS stoped when VPN connection between servers lost and jobs can't start. Is it okay?

Is it possible to run jobs when CASO unavailable?

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Yes, but you'd need to edit the details out of the registry to return the MMS to a stand-alone server. Trying to use BEutility.exe won't work as removing it from the CASO this way requires a connection to it which you won't have. It can become messy.

So, you have therefore centralised job/catalog information on the CASO in this case? You can try changing this to Replicated to see if this works.


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Thanks for your reply!

Now connection is available. The problem is that the connection could be lost in any time and can return again. Probably, I will have a few MMSs, so I want to have centralised job/catalog information.

I already tried to change "Catalog location" to "replicated", but it didn't solved the problem. Services started, but GUI interface shows "connecting to media server...", the job didn't start and there is error "ERROR_DATABASE_DOES_NOW_EXIST" in Windows logs. It is trying to connect to CASO SQL instance, but fails.

What can I try else?

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Is your connection already broken? If this is the case, then you can't use BEutility to revert the server to a stand-alone server. You'd have to edit out the CASO server from the MMS server's registry.

This is the main problem with a CASO server when using the Centralised option...without a redundant connection, once the line drops and comms are cut between the CASO and the MMS servers, all activities stop on the MMS.

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My connection depends of ISP. Unfortunately some ISPs in my country have unstable devices. So VPN can be droped several times in a day.

OK. Thank you.

CraigV's picture way around this then unfortunately with a Centralised configuration.

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