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mobsters by playdom on myspace apps

Created: 27 May 2012 | 1 comment

I was hit with some kind of virus around 3-4 years when i log into my accounts on mobsters by playdom on myspace apps it is all messed game does not play right anymore,etc.someone named null pops up as a tracking cookie and also in my mob on the mobsters app.i have ran the disc to take my pc back to new again but something is still wrong.null still shows up in tracking cookies and and shows up on my b/c like they are me on my app..that tells me someone else is in my pc.i just do not know how to fix this issue.can i get some help with this problem??

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John Q.'s picture

I'm not sure I get your request. If the problem is related to a browser infection, reinstalling your system should have fixed it or you should be able to make it works with another Web browser.

If you machine is clean and if the problem is rather with your MySpace account, I would suggest to to change your password on it and contact MySpace/Mobster support for further troubleshooting.

As your problem is most likely related to something wrong on a Web app, there is not much any Symantec product can do for you...

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