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Modifiying an existing intergration library does not work correctly in version 7.1.1460.1974

Created: 23 May 2012 | 5 comments


When attempting to modify an intergration library (SQL table) component created using WF 7.1.1400.28 in WF 7.1.1460.1974 the "use in components" column no longer exists. It appears to have been replaced by a "Selected" column but this does not appear to have any effect on the column's visibility when using the generated component in a workflow.

When creating a new intergration library (SQL table) using WF 7.1.1460.1974 the first time it is generated any columns that are found are usable in workflow using the new component however when editing the component after that the same issue applies.

The new columns in the database do appear while modifying the intergration library but not in the generated component in workflow.

I have tested the following already:

Modify/Create library components using another machine running WF 7.1.1460.1974 - Verified same issue occurs

Completely remove the component DLL to ensure a new version is created using the generator. - Verified a new DLL is created when the library is compiled.

Add the DLL in the bin directory of the intergration library to the library in a new workflow then add the component and test for the column as an available input to the write component. Verified all existing columns appear but not the new column.

Modify the help info for the generated library (just to test that the component i load in workflow is that of the last generated output DLL) - Verified that the help info changes.

Modify the library on WF 7.1.1400.28 running on another machine and generate the DLL then copy that DLL back to the WF 7.1.1460.1974 machine and load in workflow - Successfully see and use the newly created column.

I have concluded that the issue is with the change made in 7.1.1460.1974 as the "Use in components" option is no longer available. I suspect that as it is not being shown and is not normally selected by default this means when it is compiled it is ignored and not shown.

I have had a previous suggestion to install WOrkflow 7.1.2 but isnt that just SP2 and that means version 7.1.1460.1974 anyway?


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rwalton3's picture

I'm seeing this too.  I've had to modify the SQL table a couple of times, and the associated Data Type never updates with the new columns.  This really needs a solution -- the only one I've found is to create a brand new integation library with brand new data types and convert the workflow code over to it.  It makes Symantec Workflow very 'un-agile.'

carlsson's picture

we have 7.1 sp2 and get the same issue, I've now created multiple integration libraries frown

is there any way to remove the integration libraries ?


matzebru's picture

The fix to the issue with the datatypes for Table generators not updating is listed in the IT Management Suite 7.1 SP2 MP1 Release Notes as Item 14 on Page 32 (Table 1-16).

Here how it is listed in the Release Notes:

Issue: "SQL Table generator component datatype does not update."

Description: "SQL Table generator component datatype does not update to include new columns even after multiple adjust definitions and recompiles."

- Bruce

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Rob Moore's picture

This is why I gave up using the Table Generator all together and switched everything to Stored Procedures. Take a little while longer to write, but it is much quicker and the components work great.


Aryanos's picture

I agree with Rob. If you're going to be developing workflows sooner or later you're going to have to do SQL and although the Table Generator is a decent first step to use, stored procedures is the way to go.

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