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Modifying selection list on differential jobs

Created: 02 Nov 2012 | 9 comments

Let me start by saying I'm a BackupExec novice...

I'm having an issue where I encounter the follow error message in BackupExec 2010 R3:

V-79-57344-775 - Microsoft SQL Server supports only full backups of the master database.  Diferential and log backups are not supported.  Consult the SQL documentation for more information.  

The solution is clear.  However, when I deselect the master database from the selection list of the differential job, it is also removed in the full job.  How do I go about removing a file from JUST the differential job and leaving it intact as part of the full backup set?

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Thanks, but that doesn't really address the issue.  I'm trying to backup the database itself, not the log.  It also doesn't address the underlying question on how to remove selections from the differential job without affecting the full job.

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I may be worng , but you ideally get good compression when you backup the SQl database so there no major advantage of taking Differential backup.

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@RahulG, thanks and I would have no issue removing this SQL database from my differential backup.  However, the REAL issue is when I remove it from the selectoin list in the differential backup job, it is also removed from the corresponding full job as well.  How can I remove from the differential job, but force the full job to retain it?  Do I need to create another job all together?  That just seems ridiculous.

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           To remove the differential job go to the Job Setup tab select the policy under the Policies

you will recieve an in use warning select yes

click on the differential backup job displayed under job templates

and click on delete template

This should remove the differential job from the policy and delete it from the created jobs as well.. 

Hope this is helpful

I hope this posting was helpful


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Thanks, but I'm not using nor am I familiar with using policies & templates.  This is just a job setup throug the job setup wizard.  And to clarify again, I do not want to remove the differential job completely, I just want to EXCLUDE an item from the differential job.

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When you create a backup job using policy you link a selection list to the policy , if you modify the selection list , it would affect both the job because it using the same selection list . So you need to create a new backup job without using policy so each job have a their own selection list .

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In Backup Exec 2010 you can not exclude database in diffrential backup set.

Backup Exec 2012 has seprate exclusion for diffrential and incremental backup set.

You need to create new diffrential backup job using new selection list and remove master datase in it.

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To modify your job to be just a full job and not include a differential you can right click on your existing edit.then in the Backup Properties window on the right side under Backup select Edit at the bottom. 

 In the Backup Options Window click the X next to the differential part of the job to delete it.