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Monitor archive tasks

Created: 25 Oct 2013 | 6 comments

Running Enterprise Vault 10.0.2.  Periodically the archiving tasks stop running.  Is there a way to monitor these to alert when they fail?  Is there a log file I can monitor or a database entry that I can query?

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You can only really monitor MSMQ.. or the event log.

Does an event get logged? As in does the task crash?

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Hi MIke,

You have several options to monitor the Enterprise Vault tasks. For instance, with Enterprise Vault Operations Manager, you can monitor the status of Enterprise Vault services and tasks. Take a look at this technotes:

About automatic monitoring

About monitoring using Enterprise Vault Operations Manager

About monitoring using MOM

Steps to enable Enterprise Vault Monitoring with SCOM

I hope this helps.

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Unfortunately, I don't know when it last failed so finding a log entry will be a problem.  I might have to just wait until it fails again.

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If the tasks are failing due to MAPI errors, you can always configure an automatic restart or a periodic proactive restart of the tasks.

Personally I find a periodic restart of the tasks to be very beneficial on a busy server, as the archiving tasks, at least for EV for Exchange, rely on MAPI, which itself can be vulnerable to issues like memory leaks. Restarting the tasks twice a day (or whatever frequency is most suited to your environment) can keep things tidy and reliable.

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You can capture the Logs at the time of Task is faling using Trigger DTrace.

How to run DTrace using triggers with Enterprise Vault (EV).