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Monitor an AS/400 System

Created: 25 May 2012 | 2 comments
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Has somebody a solution how to Monitor (Hardware/Software) an AS/400 System with the Monitor Solution 7.1?

The SNMP is not an option. Maybe with 3th part tools?

Thanks for any inputs

Kind Regards

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While we have yet to put anything in production, during our POC of Monitor Solution, we did a few "SNMP Get(s)" to monitor CPU and Memory utilization on a per LPAR basis.  So you can certainly expand on this approach.  There should be quite a bit you can get out of SNMP Gets.  

Trap receiving is a different story though.  We found, even with the correct MIBs loaded, we could rarely interpret the traps.

Another approach we are working on is "Remote Command".  This is a utility included in the connectivity tools for the AS/400 on Windows.  It allows you to run various commands within the AS/400 and return those results to your command window.  This is where we want to end up, but simply have not had the time.

Right now, we run a few scripts within the AS/400 to monitor for error states.  We want to continue to use those, but run them perhaps from "Remote Command"; or you can even use ODBC.

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Hi donp213

Thanks for your answer. I have some question to your reply:

- Are you able to do monitor the Hardware also?
- What do you mean with ODBC?

Is possible, that you can send me some PrintScreen how it would look like, so that I can show this to my customer?