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Monitor Controller doesn't start

Created: 16 Mar 2013 • Updated: 06 Apr 2013 | 12 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Dear All ,

Im experiencing an error, when i log on to Enforce Console i get the error "Apache Tomcat 404" and the monitor controller gets stopped whenever i try to start it again .

I am attaching the VontuMonitorController.log and MonitorController0.log files ..

Please help me out asap ..


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These are the log files. 

Monitor 696.48 KB
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what is the version?

can yiu start the services in this sequence

How to start the Manager Vontu Services:

            1. Vontu Notifier
            2. Vontu Manager
            3. Vontu Incident Persister
            4. Vontu Monitor Controller (if applicable)
            5. Vontu Update (if necessary)

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@Pete .. I have already tried restarting the services in the sequence as given by you . The services are started, but Monitor Controller gets stopped immediately ..

The version is 11.6 .

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I have similar problem before, and it was because of Oracle server name change, I change the name and then same error 404 appears for tomcat

however make sure you have a correct host and information in this area in the regedit


and then make sure all automatic Oracle DB Services is running

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Hi Guys ..

There was a problem in connection with the Oacle Server through which the Monitor Controller wasn't responding . 

I first checked the Connectivity with oracle from the Enforce Server through the command line "tnsping protect" and it was not responding.

I contacted the oracle team and they said they were experiencing a downtime. Soon as they fixed it, I restarted the services in the following sequence as suggested by Pete ..

1. Vontu Notifier

            2. Vontu Manager

            3. Vontu Incident Persister

            4. Vontu Monitor Controller (if applicable)

            5. Vontu Update (if necessary)

Thanks for your respone guys !

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Hello Guys.. Can you give me a solution to this one ? .. 

The Monitor Controller Isnt working.. Ive tried TNS PING and i got this reply "TNS No Listener" .. Can anyone suggest me what the problem could be ??..

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No I didn't ..

I was thinking if I could solve this with out opening a ticket ..

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I think enforce Apache Tomcat is not properly communicating with services of DLP.

restart the machine and check whether problem persist

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If you add the protect user to the local administrators group then you can start Monitor Controller service manually.