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Monitor Solution -Email Alert on Resolution

Created: 20 Dec 2012 • Updated: 09 Jan 2013 | 2 comments
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Does anyone know how to configure an email alert to be sent out once an alert has been remediated?

Our scenario is that we have multiple techs. When all get the email alert for when a metric is triggered, and any one of us can then remove into the server to resolve. Once Monitor Solution sees that the metric has been remediated, we'd like an email alert to follow to say "All is well with Metric x now".

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You can have an e-mail task sent for when the alert is normal. When an alert gets triggered it will go to (for example) Major. When it auto resolves itself it goes to normal. So, if you have an e-mail task for Major, and an e-mail task for Normal, then you will get two e-mails. One for the Alert, and one for the Resolution of the Alert.

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Hi Mike,

Doh. Yeah -makes sense! As you can tell, this is my first proper outing with Monitor Solution.... which all in all is quite nice.

All Joe has to do now is to add us the facility to make custom commands of more than one line... ;-)


Ian Atkin, IT Services, Oxford University, UK

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