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Monitor/block copy or paste actions done via the Windows clipboard

Created: 20 Apr 2010 • Updated: 22 Oct 2010 | 1 comment
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Hi all,

When copy or paste some confidential content, we saw the following behaviours.

1. Only block the first copy action and can continue copy and paste after click ""OK TO ALL"" at the pop up alert. No pop up alert again afterward

2. Try to copy the file name which violated the policy but no pop up alert"

Are they the normal behaviour? Pls confirm


Best Regards,

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  1.  If you choose "OK to all" it disables the pop-up's for that programs session. for example: If you violate a policy in notepad and click "OK to all", no more pop-up's would turn up on that notepad session. If you close the notepad and reopen it, and violate a policy again it would popup again.
  2. try to copy a file name without clicking the "OK to all" button. In general, the DLP Agent monitors all of the COPY tries, which means that if you try it should show a popup message regardless of the location of the violation (in this example, the filename).

Kind Regards,
Naor Penso 

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