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Monitoring folder shares

Created: 04 Apr 2013 | 11 comments

Can I use DLP to only allow copying of files from one share to another share but log an incident if it is copied anywhere else?

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Look this one of discussion

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Do you mean exceptions for few servers and detect and prevent on others?

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I have files indexed here \\server1\share1 that I want to protect. I don't care about raising an incident if people copy files from \\server1\share1 to \\server2\share2 but I do care if the files are copied locally or to anywhere else (like \\server2\share3).

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Hi Kohn,

U can do this by adding exception to the fileshare which u wanted to allow.

so other than thse added exception fileshare your DLP will genearte incidents.

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Hi Joh,

Just ligin to Enforce and go the tab System anf follow below and refer below important thread

  1. system -> agent configuration -> edit the configuration
  2. Edit the monitoring filter by adding the path to the fileshare.

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Hi K S Sharma,

as far as I can see you can only add IP addresses in the monitoring fields, not UNC paths to file shares.

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yes, that is applicable for HTTP/FTP not for UNC

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Seems like we're going round in circles frown

So it can't be done with DLP?

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Yes Pete, I am reffreing for IP filtering.(Exception)

I have given the best solution as per the query asked by John. If he wanted to do the same for UNC then also refer below for more