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Monitoring Investment Bank "Bloomberg" email

Created: 29 Feb 2012 | 3 comments

Like many investment banks out there, many of our staff have a company paid Bloomberg email account (this is part of the Bloomberg service).  Vontu can monitor email from "my company" to Bloomberg.  Question is, has anyone try to monitor the Bloomberg emails (the ones my company is paid for) to "xyz" for data loss reason and not regulatory reason?

Here's an example (business case)...

It is common for my company staff to use the Bloomberg email to connect with clients and to exchange confidential info.  I am trying to prevent someone uses the Bloomberg address to send the same confidential info, say to his or her personal email.

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Contact your bloomberg rep and ask to use the in-house implementation of Orchestria (aka CA DLP).

Vontu can not handle bloomberg.

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If the bloomberg email account is anywhere outside of your network then the endpoint agent might be able to accomplish what you are trying to do.  There are some things that the agent can do like monitor copy paste functions on a web browser (assuming that is how you are using it).  

If the bloomberg email is being sent/received from internal (on your network) then it would be a simple policy to detect and protect with Network Prevent for Web or the endpoint agent (assuming it's web based email).  

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Huxtable - Bloomberg e-mail is sent through a terminal process that is embeded in a framework for the terminal's itself. The endpoint agent cannot access it (Bloomberg did this for security as well)