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Monitoring Lync with DLP

Created: 14 Oct 2013 | 6 comments

Is anyone monitoring Microsoft Lync activiity with DLP.  How are you accomplishing this?

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Syed Hussain -Compliance Devil's picture


Could you please confirm if "Microsoft Lync"  protocol encrypts the messages if yes then there is no

mechanism to monitor it.


-Syed Hussain


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blackjet's picture

Is anyone monitoring Microsoft Lync activiity with Symantec DLP.

Jsneed's picture

I have been asking around in our local DLP community and no one seems to be doing this.  I believe the only way to actually accomplish this would be to implement a proxy and a network monitor on the network before the Lync server.   That would provide you monitoring only, no ability to block messages.

blackjet's picture

Thanks Jsneed ! I have found that symantec have raised enhancement request and there is no facility to monitor lync messages.

Doraemon's picture


Have you tried adding IM to your monitoring? and add the product name and version of your lync in IM. hope that this will work


Hani Kaldas's picture

You can do limited monitoring of Lync on the EndPoint using application monitoring. Add it to your application list, then setup a rule.

 This feature is very limited, but its better than nothing.