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Monitoring Mirror loss

Created: 29 Jun 2012 • Updated: 11 Sep 2012 | 1 comment
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Hi all,

On a Windows servers we have several SQL-instances using mirrored volumes. Which rule in VOM would alert me if the mirror becomes unavailable or synchronisation isn't correct?

I have looked in VOM but can't find the correct Topic.


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Dear Eu22106:

Apologies your topic has languished. I am trying to determine your goal which would appear to be that you wish to have a rule to cause an alert (create rule) and do not know which trigger topic you would choose to associate with an application.

Rather than posting all available alerts let me direct you to them on your system:

Choose the Monitoring tab and the Rules or Alerts from the dropdown and Create Rule from the Actions option. In the popup, select the radial button next to 'Choose from a list of alert topics' and click next. This list is all of the alerts that are available to choose from to create your rule.

There is not a specific alert to monitor an application but you could alert on the storage that holds the mirrored database tables.

Application management for databases allows you to set up the database into a BE where you can arrange faults to monitor as another option. With a Virtual Business Service there are faulted conditions that could be used to create a rule to associate with the fault condition.

Info: https://<VOM CMS>:14161/symhelp/

https://<VOM CMS>:14161/symhelp/

<VOM CMS> = servername or IP or localhost  of the VOM Central Management Server hosting the console and not the browser.

A final option would be the creation of a customized alert created utilizing the commandline:

Ref: VOM 5 FAQ pg 27

What is
There are several aspects of the system that VOM monitors as part of the VRTSsfmh package that is installed on the managed host (MH). However, this is not all encompassing. Users of VOM can choose to add their own discovery and exception detection scripts to augment our offering. lets you indicate if a host is faulted or at-risk, and it shows up in the VOM dashboard. A simple HTTP server monitoring script that runs off of cron can call if it stops running, and clear it when it starts running again. See the VOM documentation for more details.

bash-3.00# cd /opt/VRTSsfmh/bin
bash-3.00# ./perl /opt/VRTSsfmh/bin/
/opt/VRTSsfmh/bin/ [--topic <event.alert.a.*> [--raise fault|risk] --message <Something is wrong> [--severity <information|error|warning|critical>]
  [--payload <file path with JSON structure>] Or
/opt/VRTSsfmh/bin/ [--topic <event.alert.a.*> --clear

Admittedly in a quick search I conducted this feature was not found thoroughly explained in our documentation linked above but if it is an option you may choose to pursue please open a support case and out talented support personnel will be able to get you the procedure to follow.

I hope that helps you with your quest.