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Monitoring SMG 9.5.3 delivery queue

Created: 29 Feb 2012 | 6 comments
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Hi everybody, there is a way to send automatic notification to an administrator when there are messages waiting into delivery queue longer than X hours? For example when a message reaches the delay time in queue before notification?

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The SMG will not send administrative notifications for messages sitting in the queue for X hours.  The SMG does have the ability to lend itself to SNMP monitoring which may be able to provide better monitoring.  Also after four hours(Default value), the SMG will send a failure to deliver notification to the original sender.  After five days(Default value), the message will be timed out and removed from the queue and a final NDR is generated and sent to the original sender.

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This is something we're looking at adding. You might like to add this to the Ideas section so other customers can vote and help prioritise the request.

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I don't understand the need for this notification.  We always have a few hundred message in the outbound delivery queue that will eventually NDR.  It's amazing the number of folks who can't spell their own domain names, or, etc.

We find the alerting we get from the SNMP monitoring more helpful.  We set two rising thresholds - say warning @ 500 messages queued, Critical @ 1000 messages, and a falling reset threshold at 400 - enough lower to not get on/off/on/off warning level alerts).

We do 200K outbound per day.  Your mileage may vary.

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As no one really mentioned it, just wanted to call out that you don't need to rely on SNMP to create alerts based on the number of messages in a queue and the Control Center itself does have queue related alerts available.

From the Administration -> Settings -> Alerts page, the first is the 'The combined message queue is larger than' setting, the default is 1GB.  This will trigger when all three message queues exceeds the size specified.

The second alert is the 'A queue reaches the message limit' this alert will fire when one of the three message queues exceeds the maximum number of messages set for whichever queue on the SMTP Advanced Settings page.

My feeling would be number of messages in queue is probably more important to track than alerts based on length of time in queue.




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His specific request was "messages waiting into delivery queue longer than X hours," which is not a parameter you can set for the alerts that are built in.

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My issue is this one: We have three branch offices with subdomains (ex:,,, inbound emails are arriving at central SMG and are routed to remote email servers trought VPN connections. Sometimes some emails remain in delivery queue for a long time without any clear reason (VPN OK, remote server too, many email flow without any problem in the meantime) and so after 4 hours start to send outside annoying delay warnings. So my goal is to receive an administrative alert few hours before delay notification so I can re-route the messages and avoid notifications going outside.

Many thanks