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Monitoring Workflow Output Data

Created: 14 Mar 2013 | 8 comments

I am creating a workflow that will repair our NS7.1 agents using DS6.9. It is going to be a right click task in the NS using the 'Call Web Service' task. I want the workflow to return a status after the workflow finished like if the DS job being run finished or not.  IE: return 0 if agent was reinstalled, return 1 if agent failed to reinstall.

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you can fetch the job's result from the database by jobID, and set an output value on the workflow model itself.  is this what you're hoping to accomplish?

*Edit - found an old project where I grabbed the result code from the eXpress db.

select s.[exit_code]
from [event_schedule] s, [event] e
join [event] e on e.[event_id] = s.[event_id]
where e.[event_id] = @job_id
and s.[computer_id] = @computer_id
the results of this query can be used as the output of the workflow model.
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The primary model however only has an Input Data option?

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Sorry; you'll need to use a DecisionOnly -type project to get output results.  How are you going to use/display the returned value?

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I am using the 'Call Web Service' task in SMP and want the results of the workflow to control a task condition.

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I'd copy whatever you've built in the workflow project to a DecisionOnly project and see how the output feeds back into your task configuration.  I don't have a lot of XP with SMP right-click wizardry, so perhaps someone who has used it and workflow in tandem will chime in and assist you better.

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I can't seem to get the workflow to trigger from a URL when using a DecisionOnly project. Is there a trick to get it to start with the URL I am using below. CompName is just the query input parameter.


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I think it's not possible to return a value from called as web service a workflow project.

The workflow projects work as a some kind of state machine but its execution is asynchronous. When its Execute() method is called process continues until a state is reached i.e. the flow met a state component like Dialog Workflow or end of model is reached. Then, by desing, Execute() method returns a workflow tracking ID. That's why Primary model has no Output Data collection.

Our two most common solution of your problem are:

  • to store a result in external storage (data base, SymQ exchange, disk file, Persistnet Storage)
  • callback - e.g. pass in as input variable of called workflow an URL of a web service which method should be called back just before ending the workflow process.