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Monthly and daily jobs using same media set

Created: 08 Oct 2012 • Updated: 09 Oct 2012 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have the same issue,  

and yes adding the monthly schedule will give me a full monthly run of the same daily job as you suggested.   but how do you manage the tapes?

they all go to the same partition in the tape library and use the same media set !!!

so my monthly tapes have the same retention/protection as my daily tapes.

Surely this cant be correct?

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What you need to do is to create 2 media sets with different retention periods and then target your jobs to the correct media set.  For example, define

Monthly media set - OPP = 1 year

Daily media set - OPP = 1 week

then target your daily job to the Daily media set and the monthly job to the Monthly media set.

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thanks for the reply but that is no help what so ever.

this comment was in a thread were we were discussing how to work around the fact that you cant exclude dates in BE 2012. 

so if you have a daily job that runs every day and a monthly job that runs on the last day of the month then they both run on the last day of the month. you cannot exclude dates in the job schedule.

so the suggestion was to have two shecdules in the same job. but the problem with that is then the both use the same media set and library location

Well done to the mod that moved this to its own thread and made it a post completly out of context.

Great Job!!

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well this has been solved so i thought i would put the solution in for other people

you can create a second duplication by clicking add stage, but be sure to click the add stage buttn on the middle "backup" part.

I know that makes no sense but this is symantec.

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OK the way you do a monthly and daily job is create a stage in the job definition for the Monthly and choose the monthly media set in this stage.

Also create a stage for the daily and choose the daily media set in this stage.

Make sure both Monthly and Daily stages would start at the same time of day, obviously configure the monthly to only run 1 day per month.

As long as both stages start at same time of day a hidden rule applies which basically states that if 2 (or more) stages in the same job definition try and start at the same time, the one with the least frequent repeat schedule will run and the other job will be setup to run on its next scheduled time. This would result in the Monthly running and the daily being reset to the next day.

EDIT: Looks liek I was typing this whilst you were writing your presvious answer, glad you worked it out.