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Monthly Tape became Scratch Media

Created: 20 Jul 2013 | 3 comments


I am new to Backup Exec 2010. For the past few weeks, I have just been exporting and importing Weekly backup tapes without any issues. Basically, importing OLD Weekly tapes from storage that are in an "Overwritable" state has been seamless. They become Weekly backup tapes again after import, retaining the original state they were in before the were exported out of the server.

However, when I tried to do the same for MONTHLY backup tapes, I noticed that instead of becoming MONTHLY backup tapes again after the import, ALL of them became SCRATCH MEDIA. What did I do wrong and how do I correct this?

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The assignment of the Media Set is done by Backup Exec automatically.

The monthly tape that is in Scratch Media is set to overwrite and once the Monthly backup runs, the tapes will be automatically associated with the Monthly Media Set.

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The monthly tapes which you are trying to import are those new tapes...if yes than those tapes will be associated with scratch media....this will not happen with the tapes which are used for backups I.e one which are already associated with some media the right media set in job nd run the monthly backup nd let it use one of this monthly tapes once job is complete export the tape eject it and than import it again it should be now associated to right media set nd not to the scratch media....

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Exporting & Importing tapes should have no impact on what media set that tape is in.  What did you do to the old monthly backups after importing?  did you run an inventory or an erase job?

The old monthly backup tapes that you are re-importing:

1) Did they show up in the SCRATCH media set?  I know that is what you said, but I want to make sure you simply didn't mean that they were OVERWRITABLE (blue).  I would assume that an old tape being re-imported would be overwritable, but it still should be int he same media set.

2) By any chance did you wind up with two of these media's now?  Maybe one in SCRATCH and one in your Monthly backup set?  this could happen if BE was unable to read the old media, so it perceived it as a new media.

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