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More schedule options for second backup set...

Created: 20 Oct 2011 | 4 comments

Hi All,

We run a single backup job on most of our sites. A custom weekly with a full on Sunday night with daily incrementals to catch up. This works fine.

On some of our sites we like to run a quarterly image based backup job that we like to sync with a cloud backup solution. SSR only gives us the option when creating the second backup job to create a weekly, monthly, or "run once" job. We could schedule a run once job every quarter with scripts to delete old files, but that is a pain in the rear.

Is there any other option? Or can we look forward to some more options in a future release?

Thanks in advance..


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Chris Riley's picture

So I assume the second job is backing up the same data as the first job..?

If yes, that means the second job would be an independent backup (full only). Please confirm.

javiert99's picture

Hi Chris,

Yes, that's correct, it's just a secondary backup that is running as an independent full backup.

Totally works as it sits, but we just want the option to do them quarterly instead of monthly. It takes days to upload the file to the cloud.

Chris Riley's picture

I'm not sure why the scheduling options for independent backups are so limited.

Let me check on this and get back to you...

javiert99's picture

Thanks Chris, that would be appreciated. I understand why there can only be one "set" due to archive bit changes.. but the limited options for schedule don't make alot of sense.