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Mounting storage snapshots with veritas file-system on the source host

Created: 17 Jan 2014 • Updated: 29 Jan 2014 | 5 comments
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Hello All,

In the setup I'm working with, there is a two node cluster with veritas file-system on data volumes. For backup purposes, I plan to take a storage level snapshot of the LUNs and mount them to one of the cluster nodes(standby node) and perform the backup off that.

I would like to know if it is possible to mount storage snapshot LUNs to a Solaris system while the source LUNs are also attached to the same host ? Any special configuration required for this to work ?

I have a standalone server(Netbackup master server) to which I can make the snapshot LUNs visible. But this node is not licensed for Veritas file system. Do we need to purchase separate licenses for this node as well ? Appreciate if someone can comment on the licensing requirements as well.



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What SF version you are using, 6.x have a extended DDL attribute to detect if a Lun is a cloned lun of a source lun from storage

Device Discovery Layer (DDL) extended attributes are attributes or flags corresponding to a VxVM or DMP LUN or Disk and which are discovered by DDL. These attributes identify a LUN to a specific hardware category.

Storage-based Snapshot/Clone                               Displays whether the LUN is a SNAPSHOT or a 

                                                                            CLONE of a PRIMARY LUN

Also, what is the license on current server ? Do you already have an enterprise license ? Diskgroup split & join (DGSJ) could be useful here as you can split the clone lun into a new diskgroup & use in that diskgroup.


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Hi Gaurav,
Thanks for your responce. Systems are running 5.1 version on below components.
Veritas File System 5.1
Veritas Volume Manager 5.1
Storage Foundation is running Enterprise version. "VERITAS Storage Foundation Enterprise"
Thanks & Regards,
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Your requirement is perfectly supported with Storage Foundation DiskGroup Split and Join and NetBackup Snapshot Client functionality.

First step is to manually test DiskGroup Split and Join to ensure that it is working, then use NetBackup Snapshot Client to automate the process.

If you have Storage Foundation Enterprise on the master/media as well, you can use it for the offhost backup to import and perform local backup.
You should be able to config the backup with cluster virtual hostname so that backup will always use the active node to perform the snapshot backup and snapback.

Read up about disk group split and join in Advanced Features Administrator's Guide 

NBU Snapshot Client manual: 
(This feature needs NBU Enterprise Client license.)

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Hi Marianne,

Thank you for the feedback. I'm planning to test DiskGroup Split and Join soon.

We don't have Storage Foundation installed on the master/media server, only the cluster nodes have licenses. Please help to identify if this requires a separate license or is it possible to re-use standby node's license.

About using the cluster virtual name as you have mentioned, does this require that tape devices to be added to the cluster, to be failed-over along with the workload ? I have not done a configuration using virtual names so far, but quiite interested in doing so with some advice.

Appreciate your help.

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The only way that the master/media server can be used for offhost backup is if you have Storage Foundation Enterprise installed on the master. Without SF software, the master cannot import the diskgroup(s). 
When you read up about the steps to configure DiskGroup Split and Join, you will understand that the master/media server needs to have SF Enterprise installed.
You will need a separate Storage Foundation Enterprise license on the master/media if you want to use it for offhost backup. You cannot 're-use' the standby node's license.

No, cluster nodes do not need tape devices. Not if you want to split the mirror disks and import them on the master/media server and perform offhost backup to tape drives on the master server.

Use the cluster virtual hostname in the policy so that the master server will always connect to the live/active node to perform backup of cluster/shared data. If you have never configured backups for a cluster, please ask that question in the NetBackup forum:   
When you do, please also mention the application that is clustered and if you will you use application/database agent to perform the backup.

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