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Move Altiris Notification Server to Different Drive or Server

Created: 19 Apr 2013 | 1 comment

I have one Altiris Notification server running in my company on a virtual machine running Server 2008 R2. Altiris version is 7.1. When it was installed it was put the C: drive which now has less than 2 GB free space. I know it will run out of space sooner or later and I can't upgrade any of it due to low space.

Is there a way to move it to the D: drive of the same server whch has large amounts of free space or move it to a different server altogether? Well I know I can move it but do so without losing data or communication with the 5000 or so agents it supports.

I can provide more info if needed but I thought I would start with this. Thanks in advance for any help, thoughts, or ideas.

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Your problem is that all the internal agent and plug-in packages will point in the database to the C: drive and some of them are hidden in the console, you can't just go throuhg and change them.

You could build a new server, use the Software Resource Replicator to move your packages and point the clients to that but you'll always have an irreducible minimum of clients that ar rarely connect still pointing tot he old server and you'd have to configure all your settings all over again.

Can't you use the spare space on the D: drive to expand the C: drive?

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