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Move Archive feature does not work between EV 8.0 SP4 and EV 10

Created: 19 Oct 2011 • Updated: 12 Jan 2013 | 3 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi guys,

I am facing an issue where i need to move archives between two EV sites using the Move archive feature. One site is running EV 8.0 SP 4 and the other site is running EV 10. When i try to use the move archive feature to move archives from EV 8.0 SP4 to EV 10 it gives me the following error

'cannot move archives. The destination server is running a newer version of enterprise vault and only accepts archives from a system running Enterprise vault 9.0.1 or later'

As per the EV move archive whitepaper , it supports moving archives between different sites running different versions of EV 8.0 SP4 or later including EV 10.

Help is much appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,


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You need to look at the Administrators_Guide.pdf for EV 10.  It clarifies that the source must be EV 9.0.1 or later.  You will need to upgrade.

EDIT- Sorry, I misread that.  The doc is referring to the destination, not the source.

Regardless, the error is pretty clear, you will need to upgrade. 

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We were just have a similar case and following is the way

8.0 SP4 to 9.0 is supported

9.0 SP1 to 10 is supported

Not from EV 8.0 to Ev 10



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@ Manish, if the case was yesterdays, then that case was opened by me and yes as informed by Symantec backline team that this is not possible, only possible paths are the ones which Manish described. Symantec tech support said that they will be ammending the EV move archive whitepaper to include this information because if you read the current document it says that the move archive feature can work between any EV server with version 8.0 SP4 or later.

@ Tony, thanks for the advice.