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move archive question

Created: 28 Jun 2013 | 2 comments
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we need to move archives across sites on different domains from EV 8sp5 to EV 9 sp4 and vice versa

my question is : what permisions (if any) will the relevant EV service accounts require on the other site SQL DB to allow the move archive?



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just to add... the domains are separate forest domains that have a 2 way trust

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whitepapaer says following:

Required Permissions for Move Archive:
By default, the Enterprise Vault service account (VSA) and the “Power Administrator” role (as defined by Roles Based Administration) are granted the “EVT Move Exchange Mailbox Archives”, “EVT Move Exchange Journal Archives”, “EVT Move Domino Mailbox Archives”, and “EVT Move Domino Journal Archives” tasks.

When moving archives between Enterprise Vault directories, Active Directory trusts may need to be set up in order for Enterprise Vault service accounts to be able to communicate properly between the two Enterprise Vault directories This should only apply if the Enterprise Vault directories reside in different Active Directory domains or forests.

Starting with Enterprise Vault 10, only a one-way trust is required for moves to proceed. The destination domain must trust the source domain.